Resilience, Wellbeing and Returning to Work will be of interest to those with responsibility for the occupational health of an organisation’s employees and external providers of this service.

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Whilst unit 1 and 2 focus on the organisational and management responsibilities in preventing stress, This 1 day Unit 3 Module is designed to help the employee understand that they must take personal responsibility for their own wellbeing.


  • To define a congruent service capable of meeting the requirements of all stake holders
  • Assess at group or individual level the depth of interventions needed, based on key point indicator measurements
  • A formalised method for the acceptance/decline of a referral based on suitability and appropriateness, using agreed parameters, including the identification of appropriate practitioners
  • The creation of a process of induction, co-ordination, consultation, measurement and report between the four identifiable stake holder entities within an intervention
  • An exit strategy that provides agreement and culpability based on the preset objectives of the intervention

In addition, this module trains the student in a methodology for helping returning people back to the workplace that have previously suffered from stress.