Working For Wellbeing was formed to meet the specific requirements and responsibilities for a project focused on the regulation of the stress management industry. It was felt by the founders that the requirements of supplying, administrating and quality assuring the knowledge transfer, in relation to the very detailed demands of the HSE and other significant organisations involved, required a company to be wholly focused on the process. Working For Wellbeing provides quality assured training for practitioners obeying these new guidelines.

Our management team has extensive experience in a number of commercially viable areas including:

  • Technology Development
  • Training Environment Management
  • Secure Data Collection
  • Evidence Management Procedures

Our objective is, through the processes we implement, to assist our clients in realising the benefits of organisational change. We deliver practical solutions, based on EU and HSE guidance, which applies to any company with more than 5 employees. Once delivered, our initiatives continue working long after we have gone. Our mission is to transfer our skills and experience and to build self-sufficiency and confidence.

These services are supported by a comprehensive training curriculum, with courses designed to be fully compliant with the BSI standards. Our business approach is one of best practice, which promotes a continual quality focus intended to improve the business structure in line with the project growth.