Dealing with workplace stress efficiently

To deal with workplace stress efficiently You must look at the drivers that will make employers and employees profit from eradicating or at least managing it. The prime driver for employers is profit. They have a duty of care to both the shareholders to deliver a ROI and to the employee to not place them in harms way. Could be seen as conflicting, but when you study the available information as Working for Wellbeing has you will find that they are perfectly aligned to deliver both commitments. Whats stopping it from happening is workplace ‘culture’ the thats the way we have always done things here brigade. However if you introduce an holistic approach where a risk survey has been undertaken (as required by Law for every UK company with more than 5 employees) and from the results design action plans to remove any foreseeable pressure points in a transparent and cyclical way you can achieve permanent change which will improve wellbeing thereby reducing absenteeism, presenteeism, staff attrition rates and increase productivity. To see the financial benefits to be had go to working for and use their FREE calculator and instantly discover what stress is costing your organisation and also how you can reverse it.You can also become a WfW licence practitioner fully qualified by Industry Qualifications with a Level 7 Diploma.