Foundation Training for Practitioners in Stress Management

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Course Overview

With the introduction of a structured and  regulated approach to effective stress management, the demand for certified practitioners is high.

The foundation training for practitioners is designed for any individual looking to progress their professional development.

The course provides the required level knowledge for entry on to any of the other three Practitioner courses Unit 1 Organisational Stress, Unit 2 Management Competencies and Standard, and Unit 3 Resilience, Wellbeing and Returning to Work.


This course is for anyone with an interest in stress management or stress management training and is looking to pursue a career in the field.

Entry Requirements

None. This course is designed for individuals with no prior knowledge and existing qualifications in the field of stress management.

Aims of the Course
  • To understand what stress is, how it occurs and the effect it has on individuals, families and the workplace
  • Be able to recognise the individual signs of stress in self and others including an understanding of how stress affects both short and long term health
  • Gain knowledge in the current primary, secondary and tertiary approaches, interventions and practices of stress management
  • Be familiar with the key methods to manage stress
Course Duration and Content

This is a 2 day foundation training program. The course content will provide an in-depth understanding of the following core subjects:

Introduction to stress

  • Definitions of Stress and pressure – HSE/PAS 1010
  • The natural arousal response (Fight or Flight)
  • Psychoneurophysiological stress response


  • Internal cause of pressure – Perception filters, beliefs/personal values/principals/ personality,
  • External sources of pressure – life events and others

Managing stress

  • Psychological strategies and techniques
  • Physiological strategies to reduce stress including lifestyle management
  • Complementary therapies and controversial opinions

You will gain:

  • A foundation knowledge of stress management
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Training material certified and compliant with Working For Wellbeing foundation level Standards
  • Access to all course learning material
  • Entry level knowledge to attend any of the three Working for Wellbeing practitioner modules and become a qualified Psychosocial Risk Management Practitioner
  • Ongoing professional support and guidance

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