Well Being in the Workplace Training Module

Management Competencies and Standards will be of interest to Stress Management Practitioners, Human Resource professionals and Risk Assessment Assessors.

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This 1 Day Unit 2 Module covers both the “Management Competencies” and “Management Standards” guidelines. As previous studies have shown most workplace stress originates in this sector, it is probably the most important area to focus on when trying to reduce pressure in the workplace. At the end of this course managers will have the core knowledge to implement their organisations policy and understand their own responsibilities therein.

In addition, they will recognise potential stressors that could expand into hazardous situations. A few examples include bullying, sexist or racial intolerance, and individuals being asked to perform tasks that they are not trained for. Managers will understand how to ensure that the workload of any person must be within each individual’s capabilities, and taught how to recognise the early signs of behavior that might lead to stress. Managers will also learn how to develop lines of communication, ensuring that they have a complete grasp of their organisations procedure for helping every employee.