Happy, Healthy People Increase ProductivityThe Benefits of Improving Employee Wellbeing

  • Increased productivity – Engaged, healthy employees consistently achieve more
  • Reduce absenteeism – Stress is the major cause of absence and poor performance
  • Improve attrition levels – Unhappy working environments are the #1 cause of staff changing employers
  • Lower litigation risks – A transparent PRM process reduces the risk of litigation

Why Working for Wellbeing?

We provide stress management training and consultancy services to practitioners, employers and employees, enabling them to provide work related stress advice and focused upon managing psychosocial risk, so that the potential for workplace stress is minimized through a practical and healthy working environment, this provides positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our certified practitioners implement stress management training best practice as defined in recent guidelines, with the intention to change the culture of organisations, so that the effects of workplace stress can be managed. Our solutions reduce staff absenteeism and presenteeism whilst increasing productivity and employee retention levels, the solution’s work across all industries and all sectors.

To receive our 18 page work place stress guide use the form on the right of this page to register your details, we will email you a download link. We do not provide your email address to anyone one else.

This website provides information on Working for Wellbeing services, if you have specific questions contact us and we will be happy to assist.