Qualify to design and deliver Psychosocial Risk Management Services to organisations.


Practitioner Program’s

Course content is specifically designed for individuals wishing to work as workplace stress professionals or consultant practitioners in the workplace. Delegates should already have an existing knowledge of the subject which meets the minimum specified requirements. However, those that are new to the industry have the option to attend the Working for Wellbeing Foundation Training Programme to gain the entry level knowledge.

Certified practitioners will be safe in the knowledge that they are offering a professional and regulated service to any organisation interested in their particular field of expertise. In addition, they will be listed on the exclusive Working for Wellbeing register, an advanced administration system which will include the details of every certified practitioner. This tightly regulated procedure will mean that every practitioner will be equipped with a measurable qualification (each learning unit attracts 13 credits and takes a minimum of 130 learning hours effort) and a process to qualify performance, meaning managing stress in the workplace will become measurable and transparent and essentially, more effective.

These workplace stress training programs are certified by Industry Qualifications (IQ) and are broken down into three-three day training courses which collectively provide a level 7 diploma in Psychosocial Risk Management. Those who additionally have a teaching qualification will be well placed to work in partnership with Working for Wellbeing to provide stress management training directly to their own customers.

Foundation Training
Unit 1 Organisational PRM Consultancy
Unit 2 PRM – Enhancing Well Being, Performance & Productivity
Unit 3 Code of Practice for PRM Practitioners

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