Organisational Psychosocial Risk Management Consultancy

Practitioner Masters Course

Module 1 – Based on PAS 1010

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Course Overview

It has been recognised that there is a lack of a regulated and quality assured process to assess the risks of stress in the workplace. Many organisations are not aware of how to implement an effective psychosocial risk management policy.

Unit 1 is the first of three Practitioner courses (Organisational Psychosocial Risk Management Consultancy, Psychosocial Risk Management “Enhancing Wellbeing, Performance & productivity”, and Code of Practice for psychosocial Risk Management Practitioners). It is based on the BSI Publicly Available Specifications (PAS 1010, Organisational Stress) and the training covers the obligations for organisations as set out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the European Union (EU). It includes how to implement the PAS 1010 guidelines and how organisations can implement a psychosocial risk policy.


This course is suitable for a range of professionals, including Stress Management Practitioners, Health and Safety Operatives, Risk Management Assessors or Project Managers. The course structure is ideal for those with an involvement in risk management or policy implementation.

Entry Requirements

Delegates are required to demonstrate an existing foundation level knowledge of stress management. In the absence of this knowledge, delegates are able to undertake the Working for Wellbeing Foundation Course for Stress Practitioners.

Aims of the Course
  • To give guidance on designing an organisations psychosocial risk management policy and devising an action plan to measure and reduce psychosocial risks in the workplace
  • To learn the definition of psychosocial risks and psychosocial risk management
  • Be familiar with the legal obligations as set out by the HSE and EU
  • To provide comprehensive guidance on the components of a successful psychosocial risk policy in accordance with PAS 1010
  • Increase understanding of an effective risk assessment in accordance with PAS 1010
  • Provide firm definition of stress and how it may impact upon the individual and the organisation
  • To recognise that culture can be a source of excess pressure and understand the affects of bullying and harassment
  • To give practical guidance on the practicalities and outcomes of measuring psychosocial hazards
Course Duration and Content

This is a 3 day training programme. The first two days will concentrate on helping to implement PAS 1010 in a manner that can be quality assured. Day three will include a two hour written examination and a 15 minute presentation. There will also be a post-course evidence based essay of 1200 words to be submitted.

The course content will provide an in-depth understanding of the following core subjects:

Organisational Processes and Procedures

  • Definition and Components of Psychosocial Risk
  • Psychosocial Risk Management (PRM)

HSE and EU Guidance/Stress and the Law

  • Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act 1994
  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  • Concept of Due Diligence
  • Legal Case Studies

Risk Management Process

  • HSE and EU Management Standards
  • The PAS 1010 Psychosocial Risk Management Process
  • Psychosocial Hazards


  • The relationship between stress and performance
  • The levels of impact of stress on the individual and the organisation
  • Workplace bullying and harassment

You will gain:

  • An extensive knowledge of the PAS 1010 guidelines
  • Accreditation by Working for Wellbeing to undertake projects specific to PAS 1010
  • Placement on the Working for Wellbeing register as a recognised practitioner of PAS 1010
  • Once licensed, relevant services are logged on the Working For Wellbeing administration system to provide an auditable trail when required by insurance or legal services
  • Access to the complete PAS1010 training programme and training aids, including a training handbook
  • The opportunity to undertake either of the other two Working for Wellbeing modules (Management Competencies and Standard and Resilience, Wellbeing and Returning to Work) to progress to become a certified Master Stress Management Practitioner
  • Affiliation with a growing network of specialist and licensed professionals
  • Ongoing professional support and guidance in your CPD

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Matchett Course Dates – London
Module 1 Organisational PRM Consultancy

13th, 14th and 15th June

For Information on Module 1 use this link Module 1