Enhancing Wellbeing, Performance & Productivity

Practitioner Masters Course

(HSE Management Competencies and Standards)

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Course Overview

Previous studies in stress management have shown that most workplace stress originates in the managerial sector, making it an important area to focus on when addressing pressure in the workplace. Unit Two is the second of three Practitioner courses (Organisational Psychosocial Risk Management Consultancy, Psychosocial Risk Management “Enhancing Well being, Performance & productivity”, and Code of Practice for psychosocial Risk Management Practitioners). It is based on HSE Management Competencies and Standards guidance, the training focuses on the responsibilities of managers to implement their organisation’s psychosocial risk management policy.


This course is suitable for a range of professionals, including Stress Management Practitioners, Human Resources professionals and Risk Assessors.

Entry Requirements

Delegates are required to demonstrate an existing foundation knowledge of stress as approved Working For Wellbeing. In the absence of this knowledge, delegates are able to undertake the Working for Wellbeing Foundation Course for Stress Practitioners.

Aims of the Course
  • To gain a thorough understanding of the HSE and EU “Management Standards and Management Competencies&quot
  • To provide the core knowledge to implement an organisation’s policy and understand individual managerial responsibilities
  • To recognise potential stressors that could expand into hazardous situations
  • Enable managers to recognise the early signs of stress
  • Ensure that managers have a complete grasp on their organisation’s procedure for helping every employee
Course Duration and Content

This is a 3 day training programme. The first two days will concentrate on helping to implement HSE guidance in a manner that can be quality assured. Day three will include a two hour written examination and a 15 minute presentation. There will also be a post-course evidence based essay of 1200 words to be submitted. The course content will provide an in-depth understanding of the following core subjects:

  • Facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts of the HSE Management Standards and Competencies
  • Recognition of the fundamental responsibilities of managerial figures
  • Organisational cultural dynamics
  • Development of people management and interpersonal skill-sets
  • Identifying the early signs of stress
  • Coping techniques and strategies
  • Workload and Worker Compatibility
  • Developing lines of communication
You will gain:
  • An extensive knowledge of the HSE Management Competencies and Standards guidelines
  • Accreditation awarded by Working for Wellbeing to undertake projects specific to HSE Management Competencies and Standards guidance
  • Placement on the Working for Wellbeing register as a recognised practitioner of HSE Management Competencies and Standards guidance
  • Once licensed, relevant services are logged on the Working For Wellbeing administration system to provide an auditable trail when required by insurance or legal services.
  • Access to the complete HSE Management Competencies and Standards guidance training programme and training aids
  • The opportunity to undertake either of the other two Working for Wellbeing modules (Organisational Stress and Resilience, Wellbeing and Returning to Work) to progress to become a certified Master Stress Management Practitioner
  • Affiliation with a growing network of specialist and licensed professionals
  • Ongoing professional support and guidance in your CPD

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Matchett Course Dates – London
Module 1 Organisational PRM Consultancy

13th, 14th and 15th June

To Download information on Module 2 PRM – Enhancing Wellbeing, Performance & Productivity Module 2