Our seminars allow you to develop your skills and ensure that you remain fully up-to-date with the latest developments within your area of expertise or intrest. You will learn from industry experts and also collaborate and share ideas and experiences with others.

After attending a seminar you will be provided with a CPD certificate confirming your attendance. We will also maintain a record of all training you have booked with Working for Wellbeing should you be required to evidence your CPD activity by your professional body.

If you are looking for a specific topic which you cannot find, or you have an idea for a new subject, we would love to hear from you.

To find out more about our seminars or to speak to one of our customer service team please call 0843 289 3268 or alternatively email us at information@workingforwellbeing.co.uk

Seminars can be tailored and time adjusted to your requirements.

Improve your performance-under extreme pressure

Uncover the biological basis of behavior. Using unique heart monitoring technology see, for the first time, how you can quantify and change your ability to react positively to pressure.

Tapping techniques (TFT) for eliminating Anxiety/ Trauma

Thought Field Therapy discovered some 30 years ago by Dr Roger Callaghan. It is the fastest way to cure Phobias, Anxiety/ Trauma, Headaches, etc.

Note TFT It is now the number one treatment for Trauma used by the United Nations in Kosovo

Healthy life Style

Explaining the benefits of eating properly and exercise on both your physical and mental health.

Simple relaxation techniques

Simple exercises in breathing, posture, and mindfulness taken from the field of yoga.

Exploding the diet myth

Diets have only a 7% success rate for slimming. This is because when you deprive a body of food it goes into ‘Famine response’ which means when you then start to eat normally the food energy goes straight back into ‘storage’ ready for the next famine. Most people overeat through emotional eating rather than eating when hungry, and override the stomachs full signal. Our weight loss system has a 72% success rate. This seminar provides the basic steps of how to redress this imbalance.

The importance of water

Since the Human body is mainly water, a Talk on how depriving it of liquid lowers our mental and physical reactions. When the body starts to dehydrate it closes down functions not necessary for its survival, it’s important to know when to drink to gain the most benefit.

Enhanced resilience to everyday pressures

At the end of this introduction seminar the delegates will be aware of the importance of improving their own environment in the workplace and personal life.

Self image enhancement techniques

How positive thinking changes your chemical balance and affects your physical body.

How you can change your internal view to change your external

Demonstrating how, by using NLP techniques, you can increase your own motivation, self image and general outlook on life, and help to readjust your personal perspective.  

Changing your emotion changes your body

Cell research has shown how your mood changes affect the function of your body’s cells and either has a beneficial or detrimental health effect on your body. This seminar will give an overview on how to improve your health by making a conscious decision to be happier.


Learn how to speed read

In today’s busy world saving time without reducing efficiency is an asset. This seminar teaches people how to double their reading speed and still retain the comprehension level.


Introduction to creating good habits and eliminating the bad

Explains how we live our daily lives through habits, how these are formed and techniques on eliminating unwanted ones.